Perfection Meme template

A template for photoshop/gimp to create your own dank perfection memes PRESS TO PLAY  for inspiration you might want to look here  

A suits “review”

This isn’t a review in the typical sense. I won’t just vastly go over the pros and cons of the series, but really give you a in-depth look at everything and tell you how I feel about them. So naturally, […]


If you’re even inclined to maybe not want to get super spied on by the NSA, you may use pgp: —–BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK—– mQINBFkyjDMBEACiXO3vwK41ZuKAr6y+IowcKra+hHtzavm7kKiGb7e8hvcY2R+R VqOtlwMohQVSeb1EOnEE1NcKaC4qlgXAPfdNgX8uGaRVwVTs/Ui8lY9yLkPe5hgt bMR9IpJodOfkf0+jeklQKN6c2yBhyeuPGPEAgBm2RWx/rvlRWrQ4nIhpn4ia9Vs0 BNwxBVPhiH2WvSFuR+P1RrognuvIlzCtKERPBh7dCsloctYG1kC9gZQpj9NgOW7F fgeH32WnRr9cXBpRsEdmd3tNvH0qYufMM6rghtt+3F8DQt8/enniesX9VU0SE6R1 qWO9Lp0xUCaDcid8amw/CqgIN61TiBjFHHsOC1DUkwMHUMzKWKKb8aQc+enE34Fq rDpsqKO4W07/1Uta+azAsSzqQoMCa06mHldovRv9QD3v03k8KL67G/Im4T0QfZGD s+E8z0rYHAEwxsrc7Xkl+ApiqeWjz1ypABanLitobg8YziwLv8t4O7NekQa5q7KA SVEUgegQzAN40UOVNilumnu9gD3TQe9rpExJ2LVDp0avtybXOpRr55l5NtEWVBQN auqGPEJobv6snSxkKovpo6iGi+sAbTJyzfrHu6HQgrgkMskQ+sRMKWfkEtqg9rwv En7VFRasrJmGedsCicWiiqctDO95338K8U5yXy78R8Xe1VrITVFihRDsgQARAQAB tEtGbG9yaWFuIEZlaWxtZWllciAoU291cmNlOiBodHRwOi8vZmxvc3BvdC5jb20v cG9zdHMvcGdwLykgPGZsb0BmbG9zcG90LmNvbT6JAj0EEwEKACcFAlkyjDMCGwMF CQeGH4AFCwkIBwMFFQoJCAsFFgIDAQACHgECF4AACgkQd9Evj+zKS6m7SQ/+PYb6 s6VBd4csmSZX4cliWYa5I/3jYQvWuDhRbG/u422sjf52EFSWh3n6hW8GZzmmw8zC […]

Why brexit will reunite the EU

Now a lot of people will of course disagree and argue that the EU has never been more united and is the best thing for all countries involved. But if you take a closer look, there are parties and people […]

How did I know your email ?

First of all, I encourage everyone to change there email password right now. It does not matter if it was from a email link or you just stumbled upon this post, do it anyway. Now having said that, before I […]

The best PSA-Video EVER

This is a PSA from Australia, a country not usually known for famous movies, but this one is pretty amazing. A huge tip of the hat to you, I hope this video will reach everyone. Thank yo

TomTom is joining the street view business

If you’re someone who is facinated how a person fits into such a small box, you probably also know TomTom. It’s one of the biggest stand alone navigation system manufacturer. But the buisness does  not only focuses on the hardware, […]

What is the meaning of 01.04 ?

Depending from where you’re reading this and who you work for this could be just a normal day , fear behind the next door or christmas 2.0. Now april fools day is known in most western countries but the execution […]

Get your Youtube RSS feed

You must be wondering, how was he able to get his videos so smoothly intergraded within the widget ? Well the secret is called RSS, and here’Sshow to get your RSS feed from your Youtube channel. Go to your main channel […]