Why brexit will reunite the EU

Now a lot of people will of course disagree and argue that the EU has never been more united and is the best thing for all countries involved. But if you take a closer look, there are parties and people […]

How did I know your email ?

First of all, I encourage everyone to change there email password right now. It does not matter if it was from a email link or you just stumbled upon this post, do it anyway. Now having said that, before I […]

The best PSA-Video EVER

This is a PSA from Australia, a country not usually known for famous movies, but this one is pretty amazing. A huge tip of the hat to you, I hope this video will reach everyone. Thank yo

TomTom is joining the street view business

If you’re someone who is facinated how a person fits into such a small box, you probably also know TomTom. It’s one of the biggest stand alone navigation system manufacturer. But the buisness does  not only focuses on the hardware, […]

What is the meaning of 01.04 ?

Depending from where you’re reading this and who you work for this could be just a normal day , fear behind the next door or christmas 2.0. Now april fools day is known in most western countries but the execution […]

Get your Youtube RSS feed

You must be wondering, how was he able to get his videos so smoothly intergraded within the widget ? Well the secret is called RSS, and here’Sshow to get your RSS feed from your Youtube channel. Go to your main channel […]

FREE DOMAIN ? Yes you heard right

I know how bad it feels. You want to have your face somewhere on the internet but don’t want to hassle around with buying a private domain nor want to spent anything for it. Maybe you just want a simple […]

That upload speed though 

Living here in Sydney, there are a lot of stuff you have to get used to, mostly great. But one of the most annoying things is the brutally slow upload speed I have to deal with. This is usually not […]

Welcome to the Spot

Hey fellow internet users and cats who run over keyboards and type in stuff. Welcome to my site, which will be mainly used as a bragging right, but also to scream out my opinion as loud as technically possible. And […]