Get your Youtube RSS feed

You must be wondering, how was he able to get his videos so smoothly intergraded within the widget ? Well the secret is called RSS, and here’Sshow to get your RSS feed from your Youtube channel. Go to your main channel […]

FREE DOMAIN ? Yes you heard right

I know how bad it feels. You want to have your face somewhere on the internet but don’t want to hassle around with buying a private domain nor want to spent anything for it. Maybe you just want a simple […]

That upload speed though 

Living here in Sydney for the moment, there are a lot of stuff you have to get used to, mostly great. But one of the most annoying things is the brutally slow upload speed I have to deal with. This […]

Welcome to the Spot

Hey fellow internet users and cats who run over keyboards and type in stuff. Welcome to my site, which will be mainly used as a bragging right, but also to scream out my opinion as loud as technically possible. And […]