FREE DOMAIN ? Yes you heard right

I know how bad it feels. You want to have your face somewhere on the internet but don’t want to hassle around with buying a private domain nor want to spent anything for it. Maybe you just want a simple blog, post your CV in a cool fashion or whatever your reason is.

So of course there’s always an *, this one coming in that your domain will be a subdomain, meaning if your website name should be ninja, your full url would be , since there is no way of registering your own top-level domain for free.

Now what do you need ? A host, a static ip address, a reason and a little patience.

  1. Find out what the static ip of your host is, and if your hosting it on a local pc (raspberry pi, NAS etc) make sure all the ports are open and the host can be reached.
  2. Type in your ip address into the top bar of your browser and check if your website pops up
  3. Check if your idea is already taken, by typing in the full url. If nothing comes up, you’re in luck.
  4. Email me ([email protected]) or leave a comment down below why you need your own domain, I will get to you as fast as possible
  5. Have patience, since I’m doing everything manually and still have other hobbies

Enjoy your free domain


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