What is the meaning of 01.04 ?

Depending from where you’re reading this and who you work for this could be just a normal day , fear behind the next door or christmas 2.0.

Now april fools day is known in most western countries but the execution style varies a lot. In Germany, the “biggest” prank was our principal telling us at the start of our schoolday that we could go home 1h earlier. 3h later came the funny surprise when we had to stay in school longer. So good human to human fun. 

But since companies want to be more human they now also chirp in. Most noteworthy google, which today launched a feature where you can play pac-man in the google maps app. But also the famous mic-drop in gmail which backfired. But also companies like Sony unveiled a new device which would allow you to swim in a pool and translate that to in game movement. So for all the mayor tech geeks and also for the programmers they look up to this day for 364 days. Then there’e able to show of there creativity and how “fun” a billion dollar company can be.

So everything good fun right ? People can get creative nagging other people, companies can show off and try to make us laugh. And you’re right, everything is pretty fun.

But as humanity always take things to far and try to trump the other companies every year. The second problem is how people define funny. Since there are people out there that find it very amusing that celebrities tweet out racist slurs. So combining those 2 aspects it’ll give us a glimpse into the future. 

So what’s the solution ? I’m not arguing that we should get rid of April fools day altogether, but just stop for an hour and think about the different outcomes. 


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