More proof that apple is building its own search engine

It’s no news, that Apple has opened job applications for what seems to be search engine developers. And if you gogo “apple own search engine” // you’ll find dozens of articles basically stating the same thing: We’re pretty sure Apple […]

Why brexit will reunite the EU

Now a lot of people will of course disagree and argue that the EU has never been more united and is the best thing for all countries involved. But if you take a closer look, there are parties and people […]

How did I know your email ?

First of all, I encourage everyone to change there email password right now. It does not matter if it was from a email link or you just stumbled upon this post, do it anyway. Now having said that, before I […]

The best PSA-Video EVER

This is a PSA from Australia, a country not usually known for famous movies, but this one is pretty amazing. A huge tip of the hat to you, I hope this video will reach everyone. Thank you

TomTom is joining the street view business

If you’re someone who is facinated how a person fits into such a small box, you probably also know TomTom. It’s one of the biggest stand alone navigation system manufacturer. But the buisness does  not only focuses on the hardware, […]