Perfection Meme template

A template for photoshop/gimp to create your own dank perfection memes PRESS TO PLAY  for inspiration you might want to look here  


If you’re even inclined to maybe not want to get super spied on by the NSA, you may use pgp and contact me per email: —–BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK—– mQINBFkyjDMBEACiXO3vwK41ZuKAr6y+IowcKra+hHtzavm7kKiGb7e8hvcY2R+R VqOtlwMohQVSeb1EOnEE1NcKaC4qlgXAPfdNgX8uGaRVwVTs/Ui8lY9yLkPe5hgt bMR9IpJodOfkf0+jeklQKN6c2yBhyeuPGPEAgBm2RWx/rvlRWrQ4nIhpn4ia9Vs0 BNwxBVPhiH2WvSFuR+P1RrognuvIlzCtKERPBh7dCsloctYG1kC9gZQpj9NgOW7F fgeH32WnRr9cXBpRsEdmd3tNvH0qYufMM6rghtt+3F8DQt8/enniesX9VU0SE6R1 qWO9Lp0xUCaDcid8amw/CqgIN61TiBjFHHsOC1DUkwMHUMzKWKKb8aQc+enE34Fq rDpsqKO4W07/1Uta+azAsSzqQoMCa06mHldovRv9QD3v03k8KL67G/Im4T0QfZGD s+E8z0rYHAEwxsrc7Xkl+ApiqeWjz1ypABanLitobg8YziwLv8t4O7NekQa5q7KA SVEUgegQzAN40UOVNilumnu9gD3TQe9rpExJ2LVDp0avtybXOpRr55l5NtEWVBQN auqGPEJobv6snSxkKovpo6iGi+sAbTJyzfrHu6HQgrgkMskQ+sRMKWfkEtqg9rwv […]

How did I know your email ?

First of all, I encourage everyone to change there email password right now. It does not matter if it was from a email link or you just stumbled upon this post, do it anyway. Now having said that, before I […]

FREE DOMAIN ? Yes you heard right

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