How did I know your email ?

First of all, I encourage everyone to change there email password right now. It does not matter if it was from a email link or you just stumbled upon this post, do it anyway.

Now having said that, before I get into how I got this email you need to understand how powerful it is to know someones active email address. You probably do not care about giving out your email and most likely you only have one. But think of it this way: By having 1000 active email addresses I can have access to 1000 brains and with a few tricks, clever social engineering and photoshop skills access to 10 bank accounts. Now this is just a guess, maybe even one that is too low, since more then 1% of people will look into there email. Now here’s the twist: I have about 2.000.000 active email addresses.

Now why should you go through the trouble of changing your new password or even creating a new email address ?
Well, as mentioned above, if the email is written cleverly, it will easily pass your spamfilter and will lead you to click on “harmful” links. In this case, harmful can be anything from knowing your location to having full access to your PC or even locking your hard drive so you don’t have any access to your PC until you pay money.

Now the part you all been waiting for, how did I get your email

  1. I typed in google: gmail account list
  2. I downloaded the text file
  3. Tadaa that’s it

Since this is as simple as searching for cute dog pictures, I can guarantee you that people with worse intensions then me also have access to your email.

So now, go out there, if you haven’t already, change your password, create a new email address for “spam” sites and for the more tech-savy create custom spam filter rules in your client.

For everyone who came to this post the “normal” way, here’s the email everyone got:

Subject: How I got your e-mail and what you should do about it.

To whom it may concern

I’m sorry to disturb your day, but you might want to check out why and how you got this email.

If you’re not interested, just throw the email in the trash, you will receive no further ones

Thank you for your time



What do you think, was it over-the-top to just spew out my blogpost like that or did I do the right thing to educate people ? Let me know in the comments down below.

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