More proof that apple is building its own search engine

It’s no news, that Apple has opened job applications for what seems to be search engine developers. And if you gogo “apple own search engine” you’ll find dozens of articles basically stating the same thing: We’re pretty sure Apple is planning something and it makes sense, but there’s no proof yet.

Well I have one for you now: A spider by the name of “applebot” just crawled my site. For those of you who don’t know, spiders are small scripts that index web pages and create machine readable datasets. Those are then sorted and feed to the user in real time when he writes something in the address bar.
Now you only use that for 2 things: To discover vulnerabilities in your website with for example burp suite, or if you’re running a search engine.

And if you think about it, it makes sense for apple to finally be independent from Google and Microsoft, they already showed us that there willing to invest when they launched apple maps. That was a disaster at first, but now it’s a fair competitor and on iPhones so baked into the OS, that using google maps is almost a hassle.

I know that this was only a short article, but I thought it was interesting so I wanted it to get out as fast as possible.

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