TomTom is joining the street view business

If you’re someone who is facinated how a person fits into such a small box, you probably also know TomTom. It’s one of the biggest stand alone navigation system manufacturer. But the buisness does  not only focuses on the hardware, but also converting the real roads into machine readable maps. There are a lot of different companies which also took on this task, but TomTom was one of the first. 

Now it’s tackling “Street View”. A way for the customer to see how the target location as if they are standing on the road. Depending on how seriously the company takes it, you’ll have the possibility to find every house in the world.

TomTom is using multiple cameras. The pictures will be stiched together into one 360 image. Furthermore under the cameras it features a continuous rotating laser which is used to mesure distance. We are contacting TomTom if the cars are collecting other information like GPS accuracy, wifi hotspots and mobile phone coverage.

It is unclear when or how the data will be available, but we’ll report it as soon as possible 

What dou you think. Does another street view make sense ? Do you still use a TomTom device or the app ? Comment down below 


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