Why brexit will reunite the EU

Now a lot of people will of course disagree and argue that the EU has never been more united and is the best thing for all countries involved. But if you take a closer look, there are parties and people who may (and even have already) come into power during this and next months. Those one are running on the hate against the EU, there regulations and refuges that flood through open borders. A prime example is la Front national, a right wing party in france promising the people huge economic and social gains when leaving the EU.
Now of course there are able to do so since it’s very hard to disprove them in those “alternative fact” times. But that will change with the brexit. Now we’ll have a prime example of what will happen if you leave the EU. And it won’t look good. Most things that were promised won’t be able to become reality and it’ll be a big loss of economic trading power for the UK and it’s people. Mostly those who voted for brexit, but of course for every britain as well.
So this will be a prime example why you should stay in the EU. But it leaves a bad aftertaste in your mouth. It’s like the mafia boss throwing one of his staff into a pool of sharks to display his power. Furthermore it will show what will happen if you go down this anti-EU road. So a negative image. While of course in favour of the EU, I prefer to see positive effects the EU has on countries, mostly eastern european countries who were able to get a economic boost.

At the end just a personal note. While the EU is not perfect and has a negative effect on smaller countries it is still the hugest political achievement in Europe, maybe even in the world. Countries almost blindly trusting each other with open borders. It seems just a few years ago that even Germany wasn’t one country but divided into 4. It now seems normal to go to skiing in another country on the weekend. Or that the currency is the same. Those are just some reasons why we should everything to defend the EU, while I do agree that some changes should be made.
If course you’re free to disagree with me in the comments.


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