Not bad for a student eh ?

Welcome to my show-off site

It’s not that expensive these days.

Don’t be shy, give me a call

What I can do

Drone shots

See the world from a new perspective

For (basically) Everyone

Maybe the job you need doesn’t fall under my current skillset, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Nerd Included

For small and medium IT problems there’s usually a solution I can work out for you.

What I can offer you

Will shake up your company

If you’re a innovative company, wants to try new things and sees the longer ROI on new workflows and programs.

All rounder

I’m interested in a lot of things, resulting from that I’m very diverse. Anything from 3D printing and design to soldering and working with bash and html, I can help you with.

Web Development and SEO

If your website is kinda crap (which it mostly is) then I can revamp it and bring it to 2019, implement amp and bring it to the top of the google rank.

You made the right choice, welcome to Flospot.

If your buisness needs a boost of creativity, give us a call. Take a look at my portfolio here.

Here you will not get boring videos, you’ll get content which makes you smile and spread the message you want.

If you dream it we can make it, from epic drone shots to slow motion action and animation. Everything is possible